About Us

With our professional staff including senior engineers in electronics and mechanics, international trading specialists and quality control crew, we offer tailored solutions for companies willing to intensify their business in People's Republic of China.
As the nature of our business we specialize in semi-finished, component based, spare parts or project base commodities trading.
We offer from custom or bare components to box built solutions.

KOKA is celebrating its 11th year in far east.

Electronic Components

Connectors, embedded and wireless, passive components, semiconductors, power supplies and transformers, optoelectronics and displays, cables and wires, fuses and circuit breakers, fans and thermal management, lighting, relays and switches.

Pcb fabrication

Fr4, polyimide, epoxy adhesive, adhesiveless board with 0.5-3 oz copper thickness. 1-12, 14-40 layers. Up to 15:1 hole aspect ratio, Hasl, lead free solder, copper, gold , white tin final finish, six color solder mask and silk screen with scoring, route and retain, jump scoring, milling fabrication

Plastic injection moulding, fabrication

Cnc mill, laser cut, precise structural foam, low cost aluminum, tight tolerance insert moulding for custom plastic injection moulding and plastic fabrication.Rapid prototyping with in house engineers and 3D printers.

Tempered - security glass works

Waterjet cnc precise cutting, grinding, beveling - shape beveling, bending, automatic silk printing, tempering, explosion proof overlay works for constructional, furniture, industrial, home appliance, and custom glass needs.

Iron Casting

EN 1561 GJL-150, GJl-200, GJL-250 grade casting with precise grinding. 50-250 microns matte, glossy enamel surface finish for home appliance, industrial cookers. Up to 20 kg disamatic sandboxing.